3/2021- Cybelle Hosia z Gilanu (+ Tabby Cat *Theobald) and Cheburskaja Ninja Gustepa (+ Ace High van Scalindjo) are pregnant    

3/2017- Vivienne was mating and Haiké has one male- OSN o

2/2017-Ithaca and Black Fire were mating

1/2017- new litter from Hoomha and Helene-3 females (SIA n and b) and 2 males ( SIA n and b)

4/2016- the first cinnamon litter in our cattery. Ithaca and my son Tom


11/2014 - We have 2 litters from Firefly- 2 siamese and 1oriental males - SIA n, c and OSH bs.

3/5 2014 - The first litter from Firefly- 2 siamese and 2 oriental males and 1 siamse female.


Our friend Dagmar has 4 kittens- 2 havana females , 1 ebony male and 1 siamese seal point male. More informations and photos on




1.5.2013 ClassicOri´s Fantastic Firefly- Lopi - is in home 

23.3.2013 Fontána has 5th title BIS- she is Junior winner!